UoN blog for new accommodation – tell us your concerns

The University is asking all students and staff to share their thoughts about the construction works on the new student accommodation project.

We are hoping this site can provide a constructive way to collect your feedback on key issues we anticipate will affect you during construction.  If successful we will also continue to use this space to provide you with information about the project to get your comments.

The experts working on this project have a good idea of what to expect from previous experience but we’d like your voice heard in the whole process.  Constructive comments will be considered for the tender requirements in the contractors construction management plan.

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One Response to UoN blog for new accommodation – tell us your concerns

  1. Meg says:


    As long as there is still a straight pathway from all the Colleges (especially Bara) to the Hunter Building.

    It would be nice if the construction was done during normal daytime hours e.g. 8am-5pm but anything before or after that is just rude 😛 . A possible stoppage during exam periods would be great. I do not have exams but other students are concerned about this and they would like noise to be minimal during these weeks.

    I think the gravel parking (next to Bara) will be taken up with many workers vehicles (especially because it is free). Many Bara and other students use this car park as it seems to get less break ins and thefts than the upper car park. A reduction in parking rates would be appreciated as we will be forced to use the upper car park and may have our windows smashed etc. There was another one smashed this week and I’m getting worried.

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