Security and Privacy

My major concern is that more people will travel through the accommodation precinct to watch the development of the new accommodation or in some cases steal building supplies. Will there be more University security or even an external company for this site?

This issue then also leads into privacy for the residents. What actions will be taken to uphold the current level of privacy that residents have?

Please add comments to this to voice your input on these topics!

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3 Responses to Security and Privacy

  1. Danny RA says:

    That is a really good point Tom, I hadn’t even considered people coming around just to have a look. There is definitely a chance for what you described to happen and it’s not like the crime committed on campus by people who don’t live on campus is non-existent or anything. It happens all the time. Good call sir, good call.

  2. Jessica RA says:

    I also believe this is a good point, and one that I was asked to raise initially. It is good to see that this is a high concern for all residents. Living at International House, there are already security concerns because of recent events, and being positioned close to the road where wanderers choose to enter University grounds. I agree that extra security is a wise measure that will assist in monitoring this situation, but will they hire extra University security or an external company? Will an external company interfere monitor the construction site solely, leaving the surrounding colleges to University security?

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